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There are people who ‘have a cat’, there are people that love their pet.

There are also women who consider her companion a part of her immediate family, a fur baby if you will. These women are referred to as ‘cat ladies’, and just like Barry White serenade’s ’this is for all the ladies out there’, ‘Yokai’ is a delicacy.

A finessed meal to be compared to your own.

Photoshoot behind the scenes
Applying glycerine for wet look

In Japanese folklore, ‘Yōkai’ are supernatural cats who were believed to have the power to shape shift into human form. Believers who saw these spirits began to call them ‘Yōkai’, loosley translated as ‘attractive calamity’.

Is there really a better way to describe an active and healthy cat?

The contemporary cat lady appreciates the evolution of Japanese culture and a now deep love for Kawaii cats.

My visual interpretation of creating a deluxe cat food range was heralded from history to current era graphic elements. Yōkai meets in the middle, named for those who understand the love they have for their cats.